In Barranco we arranged a show for the kids the day before christmas. This guy makes an awesome show with pupptes and make great music....with a saw!

It was Christmas eve. I borrowed my friend's camera, a NIkon N2000. It was my firs time using a camera with lightmeter and several lenses. I was my first try with Fuji velvia too, so I didn't know what to expect from this photos. My birthday was close, so Qrro ( gave the film and also gave me some tips about using the lightmeter. The results: Overexposed, dark and not focused photos. I wasn't sure if i wanted to share them because I'm not completly happy with this album, but I really like some of the results. These are my favorites :)

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    haha I know. I think the kids thought the same thing. But it was fanny.

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    nice shot

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    Vamos Joseman!!!! Photo of the day!!!

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    Congrats on Photo of the Day - it's awesome.

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    Thanks so much for your likes. {^_^} / ขอบคุณครับ

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