Say Hi To Ixe, a Good Boy in Paris


Here in Lomography, we've always featured photographers. This time, we shine the spotlight on one particular model from Paris, France (and yes, we also spoke to his personal photographer, Alain). Everyone, meet @Ixe!

Ixe likes Punk Rock and '90s Seattle Grunge where guitars have a specific distortion. As a dog, he has a good ear and he is quite a demanding listener who checks if instruments are perfectly in tune ☺ | Credits: @ixe

Hi Ixe! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello, my name is Ixe, I am an 8-year-old Belgian Malinois. I was found in the streets at the age of 2 and got rescued by a shelter, then I was adopted.

Are you a good boy or a good girl?

I am a good boy.

What are your favorite things to do?

My favorite thing to do is hiking, whatever the weather is—hot in desert areas or cold in the snow.

Do you know any tricks?

I know the basics, sit, give the paw, do not move - which can be useful for photography - and I am very obedient with the humans.

Credits: ixe

What is your favorite treat?

My favorite treats are pig's ears and dog biscuits.

Do you like having your pictures taken?

I really enjoy sitting for the photos because at the meantime I got some treats too.

Among the lovely photos taken of you, which one is your favorite and why?

My favorite photo is the one with the guitars. I like it because I like posing for photos and listening to music too.

Credits: ixe

We like it too, @ixe! This was Lomography's pick for Photo Of The Day last 31 May 2021.

Alain, an Engineer and Ixe's Personal Photographer/Treat Dispenser/Human

Hi! Please introduce yourself to our community.

Hello, my name is Alain, I live in the Paris area with my dog and I am an engineer.

What are your interests aside from film photography?

I really like nature and animals, therefore spending time with my dog for walks or hikes during the weekends and holidays.

Who or what inspired you to take film photography?

I discovered Lomography through the Instax format because the cameras are the most versatile and creative, then I saw the photos of the community on the website and wanted to try the different films, cameras and lenses.

Credits: ixe

Taking photos of animals can be quite challenging. What is your secret?

To be patient and to play with my dog. There is a balance between still photos, treats and play.

Which one is your most memorable photo of Ixe?

The ones where he is yawning because it happens only during a very short time and has to be taken immediately.

Credits: @ixe. Photo on the left was taken with the Lomo LC-A, and on the right with a Canon EOS 300, LomoChrome Purple film, and Petzval 80 Art Lens.

What is the most adorable thing about him?

Belgian Malinois are used as working dogs therefore they can be intimidating. On the opposite, Ixe is a very lovely dog with the whole family, especially children.

Aside from taking photos of Ixe, what are your favorite subjects to take photos of?

My favorite subjects are photos of nature: animals, flowers, trees and wild places. I also enjoy architecture.

Credits: ixe

What do you like most about film photography?

I prefer film photography because film is a limited quantity, a rare resource with specific features that we have to use carefully. Each film photography is unique and brings a special atmosphere.

Do you have any advice for pet owners when taking photos of their beloved pets?

I have a simple trick: having a treat in the hand near the objective can help the pet to focus his eyes on the photo. My advice is to be patient and to play: making photos can be very funny when the pet is interacting freely.

Credits: ixe

Check out this Supersampler mini-movie featuring @ixe! Drop by his LomoHome to see more photographs.

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    He really is a good boy.

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    Congratulations on being featured! What a handsome good boy! 😍 :)

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    @deedee_photog Thank you for your kind words! 😀

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