Ural 650 ...not easy to drive, but fuckin great !!!!!

Ural 650

ural 650
Helios 44 - Zenit와(과) Ural & Sidecar - The Big Toy

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  1. kritsalos
    kritsalos ·

    Great Bike you have over there!

  2. kritsalos
    kritsalos ·

    @steamtug1959 I adore these type of bikes. My dream is to buy and restore a BMW R51 but unfortunately they are very expensive. I hope you have great rides with your Ural, drive safe!

  3. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    @kritsalos the russian Ural is cheeper than BMW, i find my bike for 1000 euro (and a lot of works to do !!!). .....the Ural Bike has revers gear and hand breake !!! Great the faces of the Harleybiker when i make the revers gear for parking my Ural, haha !!!!

  4. kritsalos
    kritsalos ·

    @steamtug1959 I will keep an eye for Urals in Greece, although I havent seen many of them around. Thank you for the tip!

  5. oscarmoroni
    oscarmoroni ·

    Questa è la gloriosa Royal Enfield che hai fatto risorgere dalle sue ceneri come l'Araba Fenice!!! Stupenda!!!!!

  6. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    @oscarmoroni .... questa e Ural, la Enfield e quella senza Sidecar

  7. oscarmoroni
    oscarmoroni ·

    Ah, o.k. gutt!!!

  8. -fabi-
    -fabi- ·

    Klasse Maschine, vor allem wenn du da nen Grill drin hast :D

  9. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    ..werde mal ein paar Fotos machen !!!! Dankeschön für das Kompliment !!!!

  10. gesp
    gesp ·

    Beautiful bike, I wish you many happy miles!!!

  11. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    @nuray_nuri @gesp @-fabi- @oscarmoroni fantastico Challenge old Cameras ans old Bikes !!!!
    Thank you very much !!!!!

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