25 Years of Lomography: Making Memories

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How did shooting with a film camera change the way you see the world? Submit lomographs that capture the best of your analogue adventure and score a Lomo LC-A+!

Back in 1992, a group of Viennese students discovered the humble Lomo LC-A. Since then, this little black camera has evolved from being the cornerstone of a revolutionary photography movement into a personal keeper of memories. And as part of our 25 year celebration, we honor the legacy of this iconic camera with three new additions to the Lomo LC-A family.

How did Lomography become a part of your everyday life in the past 25 years? Reflect on your own journey and share a part of your history through your best photographs taken with a Lomography camera, film, or lens.

Think of all the crazy film soup experiments you've took a risk on, the wild colors from cross processing, or even the shaky scenes you stealthily caught while shooting from the hip. From loud parties to quiet getaways, take us back to all those once-in-a-lifetime moments that we have been a part of!

One Lomographer will take home a legendary Lomo LC-A+, while six runners-up get 25 Piggy Points for the Lomography Online Shop. So, go through your archives for the best throwback snapshot that you have!

Photo by blue-0610

Here’s what you can win:

  1. LC-A+ × 1
  2. 25 Piggies for Lomography online shop × 6


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