Urban Explorers: Lomography X Hong Kong Dance Company - Shadows of the City (Prizes Limited to Hong Kong)

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Lomography has teamed up with Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) to launch "Shadows of the City" film photography competition! Share your B-side stories of Hong Kong and get a chance to win a host of prizes (limited to Hong Kong entries).

What kind of feelings arise when you think of Hong Kong? HKDC is staging Tale of Three Cities in February 2018, presenting three unique dance performances from award-winning choreographers of Hong Kong, Seoul and Taitung. To mark the occasion, Lomography is presenting “Shadows of the City” with HKDC to capture personal feelings about the city. Whether it’s presented it the form of dance, street snaps or portraits, we would like to collect your story of the city! Surprise us by adding a dance twist if you can! Winners will get a chance to win the Lomo'Instant camera and tickets to Tales of Three Cities dance performance. Selected works will also be exhibited.

Photo credit to @puntaiwai


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