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Help Us Reach 15 Million Photo Likes on Lomography!

We are getting very close to having 15 million photo likes on Lomography and want you to help us reach the grand target. We’ll be giving away prizes for all kinds of milestones on the journey – there will be giveaways for our top photo likers, tantalizing prizes for those people who receive the most likes and all kinds of other rewards along the way too.

Photo by adi_totp

Reaching 15 million likes on Lomography is a massive milestone for us and we’re in the mood for a celebration. Help us on our mission and you could win some pretty cool prizes! We’ll be giving away treats for all kinds of achievements over the next few weeks – from top photo likers to people who receive the most likes, anyone can take part to win. The counter on the very top of every page tells you how close we are to each milestone on the journey – be sure to check it regularly to see how close we all are!

So you’d like to take part? Great news! There are 2 kinds of ways to participate and both are super easy.

  1. By liking Photos on the Lomography site. If you aren’t already a member of the Lomography community, join today and start liking. Where to start? Just read on, we give some pointers at the end of the article…
  2. By having your photos liked by others. So invite your friends to join the community – then they can like your photos and win prizes too! Remember to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can see your best shots and like them! Simply use the links below each of your photos.

One thing to remember: This is about liking those photos that fill you with warmth for the analogue photos you see on the site. Each time you ‘like’ a photo is a token of your appreciation, so please use the power of the ‘like’ honestly and wisely!

Like we say, an occasion this big deserves some prizes to match right? Well, we’ll be giving away all kinds of treats over the following weeks. We’ve got camera prizes for people reaching certain milestones on the way to 15 million. There will be prizes for the most liked photo and a very special something for the 15th million liked photo and its liker. And that’s not all; get ‘liked’ and your photo could make it into one of our special photo galleries!

Ready to start? Check out a selected bunch of our favorite shots, explore photos by color, take a look at a stream of popular photos of popular photos or start with a random photo.

Or wanna see what the 100 people who liked the most so far like? Then follow these links: adash, adi_totp, adzfar, albeelee, anomalocaris, artichekt, atria007, b0rn2b1ush, baijiu89, barakalofi, bccbarbosa, bkspicture, bravopires, brommi, cc-in-paris, clickiemcpete, clownshoes, cpolpa, dabai, dakadev_pui, deprofundis, disdis, earlybird, ecchymoses, elvismartinezsmith, emkei, escudero, eskimofriend, gnarlyleech, goonies, gotoarizona, grazie, icomewhenieatcaponata, isabel_mebarak, istionojr, japsix, javihacefotos, jeabzz, joyceyjoyce, kleeblatt, lawypop, lazybuddha, lightblue, liquorice, littlekoala, lola_juanlu, mafiosa, mapix, maria_vlachou, maryona, maxwellmaxen, mcrstar, mephisto19, meryl, mich, mikahsupageek, mylatehope, natalieerachel, neja, nicolas_noir, oskar73, panelomo, pangmark, pepper-b, pietrone, pussylove, realrampage, renaishashin, rik041, ripsta, robinansell, robter, russheath, scede, scorpie, shoujoai, soleado, sondyy, spoeker, stouf, suizidekid, susielomovitz, sye, traaaart, troch, tsingtao, tyler_durden, upic, valennano, vgzalez, vicuna, volker-jp, wapclub, warning, weidong, why-yu, wuxiong, yochan, zeester and zharenkov.

작성자: tomas_bates

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  1. adi_totp


    yeaaah!! :D :D like like like

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  2. vgzalez


    I'll start giving a like to this article!! :)

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  3. recurving


    @vgzalez: thanks! :) but this doesn't count against the 15,000,000 – we are only counting photo likes

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  4. deedeet


    mantap @adi_totp dan @sondyy SALUTE!!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  5. maxwellmaxen


    wow i didnt know i was one of the top 100 likers..

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  6. guanatos


    it is in fact a big milestone!! let's go get it!!!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  7. vgzalez


    @recurving: Hahaha, thanks for making it clear. Reading and liking too many articles this morning was blowing my head!! :D

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  8. jourdanlynch


    its likey time

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  9. hanibale



    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  10. neurodiaz


    Grats, lomostars! :D

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  11. badjuju


    Ive got plenty of albums for your liking pleasure ;)

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  12. desibel


    I don't think I've seen this many likes, all in one day, before!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  13. ariannapaloma


    how many likes did the "best likers" give?! i'm so curious!!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  14. kuryzu


    Hahahaaa thats me :))

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  15. camielioo


    Well let's get a liking Spree then everybodyeeh! :D

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  16. yarglags


    Okey dokey then...

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  17. ridwanfals


    whahahhaa bang chris lomoguy..

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  18. zeester



    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  19. grazie


    wow cool! I like ;)!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  20. samz


    I'm in too!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  21. tcamfid


    Hi. What kind of prizes? I've been liking fotos trough your site, but until now nothing happened? Or are the prizes only for the top likers? If that's so, for a begginer like me it will be kinda hard... Best

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  22. pedroteixeira98


    Hi!! Is it confidential or can you tell what kind of prizes are we talking about? Also, I just created my acount here a couple of days ago but I've been liking photos and I have like 5000 likes. Is that a lot or is it not enough?
    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  23. tomas_bates


    @tcamfid and @pedroteixeira98 thanks for all the likes so far! We're really close to the 15 million goal now and will be giving out prizes when we hit the target :-) so stay tuned, we'll make an announcement soon!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  24. elletra



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  25. cocaneonkamerasutra



    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  26. pichumino



    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  27. vandal


    4,3,2,1.....Congrats to us all for reaching 15.000.000 likes !!! Nice to see so many people like analogue photography !!!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  28. gerbary

    Yeeeey!!!!!!!! 15.000.000 Yooooohooooooooooooooo!!!!!
    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  29. grifter


    we did it! yeoaaaww!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  30. cshmla



    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  31. sweetyyydreams


    Yeaaaaaahhhhh! Happy 15 000 000 likes everyone !! (feels like New Year's Eve suddenly...)

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  32. albeelee


    15 000 000 likes now! Woohoo!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  33. yawn



    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  34. guanatos


    done deal!!! that was great!!!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  35. blueglitter


    yayyy you reached it!

    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  36. jesselau



    2년 이상 이전 · report as spam
  37. meawze


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