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Mephisto's November Rumble - Holy Cow 3년 이하에 종료됨

Mephisto's November rumble will get community moo-ing in delight. That's good a clue as any as to the theme of this month's rumble!

Photo by mephisto19

I like cows! I really don’t know why but they are so cute with their huge eyes and long eye lashes. Around the place I grew up there were many cows (flat german country side) and visiting my parents in law I try to go out in the fields to take some cow photos.

I’d like to go to India one day only to take photos of cows (that is the story behind the title, I do not want to offend anyone of any religion!) . Also my cousin Kerstin and I have a word play. In german cow is “Kuh” and you say cousin Kuh-si-ne, so she is my Q (Kuh) and I am her Q. She is also collecting cows and I will surely forward her the link to all your submissions!

So the theme for my November Rumble is clear: cows.

Three letters (c o w), three photos and I prefer Lomography cameras!

Submit a maximum of THREE analogue photos, not digitally manipulated and ADD ALL META DATA (at least three tags, location, film, camera,…).

작성자: cruzron

23 개의 코멘트

  1. saidseni


    Yeaaah! I'm into taking pictures of cows now because of the amazing pictures of them I've seen on this site! I even went to the city farm (but fell in love with the goats...)! Nice theme! :D

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  2. badjuju


    I love cows too! But Ive never taken photos of any :( Guess I better get started!

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  3. kneehigh85


    @saidseni as soon as I saw this I thought of you x

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  4. ianaggie


    awesome theme!

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  5. mayprodrigo



    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  6. lola_moon


    yay! I looooooooove cows, too!

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  7. devildi


    jaaaaaa endlich wurde mein wunsch erhört :-)))))

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  8. 134340


    What a lovely theme!!!

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  9. jeffr


    does the cow have to be alive? or can i take a pic of a hamburger?

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  10. diy


    ^ Haha. There are no cows in this city, i may have to go exploring!

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  11. le_ors


    great, let's see if I can see a cow coming... funny beacuse here in Venezuela we don't usually have black and white cows :) brown/white ones are from here

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  12. pomps


    great! I love cows too! here in Argentina are plenty of cows! but all the photos I've got are Austrian cows from my last trip. They were so cute, in a moment cows were all around us :) love this rumble!

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  13. kastle


    Moo cows! Just came back from Vermont and a wonderful trip to Bilings Farm. Got to pet some super friendly cows. www.billingsfarm.org
    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  14. sprofishgel


    Damn, no cows around here. No irracional animal cows I mean !

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  15. mephisto19


    @jeffr a cow or what you consider to be a cow

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  16. ashdinosaur


    Great! I've got exactly 3 pictures of lovely highland coos ;)

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  17. ashdinosaur


    Ugh jeffr that attitude is disgusting.

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  18. camielioo


    @jeffr yes. or your mom will do fine to !

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  19. jeffr


    lol. just a joke guys.

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  20. natalieerachel


    No cows where I live :(

    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  21. mephisto19


    약 3년 이전 · report as spam
  22. chappelow


    I could do this rumble until the cows come home.

    3년 이하 이전 · report as spam
  23. itsdebraanne


    cows aren't holy..

    3년 이하 이전 · report as spam

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