Happy Birthday Diana F+!

2012-09-13 11

We’re celebrating the 5th birthday of one of our most cherished analogue beauties today! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and whilst also enjoying a gallery of 50+ great photos shot with the beloved Dreamy queen!

Credits: jeabzz

Back in the 1960’s, a small firm in Hong Kong – the Great Wall Plastics Factory – created a dirt-cheap 120 camera called the “Diana.” Crafted entirely of plastic, each camera cost about a dollar. As a mainstream product, the Diana was pretty much a failure – and was discontinued in the 1970’s.

Since something this beautiful, this classic, and this crucial to the world of analog photography shouldn’t have suffered such an early demise. And since we had the means, the knowledge, and the opportunity to rebuild the Diana from the ground up (with a few extras tossed in) – the Diana + was born in 2007.

The Diana’s appeal skyrocketed as a cult artistic tool of avant-garde and lo-fi photographers – it was a rousing success! They loved its soft & dreamy images, super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring, and random contrast. Diana shots are raw & gritty, with a character all their own. In short order, the Diana rose to prominence as one of the most treasured and sought-after cult analog cameras!

The Diana’s original charms (radiant color- dripping lens, soft-focus surprises, all-plastic body, dead-simple shutter) were expertly duplicated to provide the authentic look and feel of the original. On top of that, brand new Pinhole & Endless Panorama features were added into the mix – thereby paving the way for an entirely new class of Diana images and techniques!

Credits: tracyvmoore, lisa-lisa, megustastu, catarella, barns, ghuido, itisanormalname, bujidubabi, susielomovitz, satomi, -dakota-, alexandretaira, danny_moon, scorpie, isabel_mebarak, goonies, muddie08, montserratgh, monoflow, moodification, edwinchau, asya, talking_head, emimei, bethsut, lluiso12, jeansman, sprofishgel, andrejrusskovskij, brendamanthe, tyler_durden, colinusmaximus, chalchiuhtlicue, adambradc, lacame, sasko, crojasvives, sebastianerras, smu, herrspecht, maltacat, zerstortezelle, featureshoot, shoujoai, mybluewristband, phil2k90 & haydee

Happy Birthday Diana F+! Thank you for dazzling us with your multitude of talents and brilliant photos for 5 memorable years. We have some irresistible deals to celebrate this great event. Head to the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores until September 17th and make the most of our special offers

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  1. webo29
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    happy birthday Diana :-)

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    Happy B-Day Diana!!!! :D

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    chalchiuhtlicue ·

    Thank you and happy birthday !

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    -dakota- ·

    @webo26 thank you!
    Happy Birthday Diana, my first lomo love!

  6. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    Happy B-day my beloved Diana!!! -> www.lomography.co.kr/magazine/reviews/2012/07/16/a-review-f…

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    Happy birthday DianaF+!

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    lovely gallery wow

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    Happy Birthaday to The Great Diana !!

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    Happy B-day Diana! And thanks for choosing one of my pics! ^^

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    happy birthday Diana! and thanks! :)

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