Lomography.com Piggy Policies

Photo by: bccbarbosa

Before we send out your Lomographic goods to your preferred destination, here are some of our Piggy Policies so you won’t have some confusion at the Checkout!

Shipping Costs
Do you think the goodies in your Cart qualify for Free Shipping? Find out if they do for Europe/International and USA/Canada.

If your cart total does not qualify for free shipping, then shipping costs should always be shouldered by the buyer, even if all the items you purchased will be paid off with your piggies. Your piggy points cannot pay for shipping costs.

Piggies deduct from their value limits
Shipping costs will be calculated after your piggy points have been deducted. This means that even if your order is worth EUR/USD/GBP 400 and you paid EUR/USD/GBP 201 with piggy points (the balance is EUR/USD/GBP 199), you’ll have to pay the full shipping because only orders from EUR/USD/GBP 200 qualify for free shipping.

Piggies are not convertible to cash
Our Piggy points could only be used at our Online Store and they cannot be converted to cash or payment for Shipping.

Piggy points cannot be used in all countries:
Unfortunately currently clients from Brazil, Russia & China cannot use Piggy Points

Piggy points cannot be used on the following items:

- Lomo’Instant Cameras & Accessories
- Videre Pinhole camera
- LC-A 120 Camera
- Viddy pinhole camera
- Fuji Instax Cameras
- Fuji Instax Wide 300
- Fuji Klasse W
- Ilford XP2 single use camera 135mm 24+3
- ILFORD Obscura Camera
- LomoInstant Wide
- Yashika Elektro
- LomoInstant Reykjavik
- Zenit M1
- LomoInstant Marrakesh
- STENOFLEX Mini Labo & Cyanotype Kit
- Fuji Instax Mini 70 Cameras
- ONDU cameras
- Yashica Electro 35 GSN

- LomoChromeTurquoise Film
- Fujicolor C200 35mm
- WASHI Film
- Foma Retropan 320 135-36 DX Film
- Fuji Instax Mini Film
- Fuji Instax Wide Film
- Fomapan 100 Sheet Film 4×5
- Adox Films
- Fomapan 100 135-36 DX Film
- Revolog Films
- Revolog 36exp Plexus
- Lomochrome Purple
- Ilford Direct Positive Paper FB1K 4×5in 25 sheets
- Efke B&W ISO 50 35mm
- Ilford FP4 Plus 125 ISO 35mm
- Efke B&W ISO 25 35mm
- Ilford FP4+ 4×5in 25 sheets
- Efke B&W ISO 50 35mm
- Kodak T-Max 400/120 BW single roll
- KONO! Donau 6 ISO 35mm CN film 3-pack
- Lomography Cine200 Tungsten

- Lomography Art Lenses & Accessories
(New Petzval, Russar+, Filter, Adaptors, Minitar-1, New Jupiter 3+…)
- ONA Bags (US)
- ZKIN Bags & Straps
- Lomo LC-A MINITAR-1 Art Lens 2.8/32 M
- UCON Bags
- LomoDice
- LUMI Inkodye
- Light Painting Brushes
- DOIY Accessory
- Peak Straps
- iBlazr
- Gossen Digisix 2 Light Meter
- LomoDice
- Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0
- Luxi Lightmeter (new item,will be active soon)
- Foma Retro Special Developer 1 Litre
- Pixelstick
- Bento Film Case
- Fuji Mini Photo Frame Pair
- Maxstone
- Fuji Mini Photo Frame Single
- Unibrom 160 BP 9×12 photopaper 25 pack
- Lumu Lightmeter
- Unibrom 160 BP 10×15 photopaper 25 pack
- Lomography Accessory Keeper

Lomography Services
- LomoLAB
- Gift Codes
- Analog Prints
- Workshops
- Film Subscriptions

Piggy Points FAQ
To get a lowdown on how to earn Piggy Points, visit the Piggy Points portion of our FAQ.